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Course Curriculum

Welcome to True Speaking Success
How to Write Your Own Book Audio Course
(Action Guide) How to Write Your Own Book
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Module 1: Creating a Client Attracting Brand
Client Attraction Branding
Mp3 of Client Attraction Branding
Ways to Figure out EXACTLY What to Speak About
How to build celebrity and expert status in the minds of your clients so THEY are HONORED to hire you!
Mp3 of How to build celebrity status video
Bio Example (Arel Moodie)
Bio Example (Bert Gervais)
Arel Moodie Bio (word doc)
How to Write a Presentation Title and Description that Gets You Booked
Speaking Demo Video Sample (Arel Moodie's)
Interview with a client on WHY he books speakers. Watch this to get an insight into the client's mind.
How to Avoid Branding Mistakes and How to Position Yourself as the Perfect Solution to your Client's Pains
(Action Guide) TSS Branding: Steps to Success Action Guide
Your Branding Playbook
Module 1 Branding Feedback Survey
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Module 2: Effective Marketing
How to Get in Front of Decision Makers
(mp3) How to Get in Front of Decision Makers
Marketing Strategies that Really Work
(mp3) Marketing Strategies that Really Work
The Most Simple & Effective 3 Step Speaker Marketing Strategy
How to Get AND Leverage Testimonials to Help Market Your Speaking
How to Properly Get Testimonials for Social Proof
Proven Email Marketing Templates that Really Work
Examples of Marketing Resources
How to Get Speaking Experience and Build Your Business
How to Create Magnetic Marketing Language Using the TSS Persuasion Matrix
TSS Persuasion Matrix Workbook
The Goose that Lays the Golden Egg for Speaking Opportunities
The TSS How to Increase Your Rebooking Rate Method
(Action Guide) TSS Marketing: Steps to Success Action Guide
(Action Guide) How to Properly Get Testimonials
Your Marketing Playbook
Module 2 Marketing Feedback Survey
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Module 3: How to Properly Sell
The Super Sales Highway Part 1
The Super Sales Highway Part 2
(mp3) The Super Sales Highway
How to Increase Your Profit (and Impact) Per Event
Your Sales Playbook
(Action Guide) The Super Sales Highway
Sample Call of the Super Sales Highway in Action
Super Sales Highway Sample Call Timestamp Breakdown
Super Sales Highway Graphic
Module 3 Selling Feedback Survey
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Module 4: Fool-Proof Systems
How to Create and Run Your Business Like a Fortune 500 Business on a Shoe String Budget
How to Create a Speaking Agreement
How to Keep Your Speaking Engagement Organized
Unleashing the Power of Google Apps
How to Use Technology to Close More Sales and Have Your Events Run Smoothly
(Action Guide) TSS Systems: Steps to Success Action Guide
System Examples, Samples, Templates and Resources
Your TSS Systems Playbook
TSS Master Systems Template
Travel and Booking System Document. Use this to book travel for your events
Module 4 Systems Feedback Survey
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Module 5: The Art of Speaking
How to Get the Most Out of This Module
Unedited Version of one of Arel Moodie's Keynotes
Play-by-Play Breakdown of Keynote Part 1
Play-by-Play Breakdown of Keynote Part 2
Play-by-Play Breakdown of Keynote Part 3
(Behind the Scenes) What happens after the keynote
Creating a Pre-Game Ritual for Speaking
What to Do Before Your Speaking Engagements to Maximize Success
Presentation Tool Examples, Resources, and Templates
TSS Art of Speaking Playbook
Module 5 Art of Speaking Feedback Survey
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Final Thought...
True Speaking Success Completion
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Group Coaching Calls
1) Branding Group Coaching Call
2) Q&A Group Coaching Call 1
3) Marketing Group Coaching Call
4) Q&A Group Coaching Call 2
5) Sales Group Coaching Call
6) Q&A Group Coaching Call 3
7) Systems Group Coaching Call 4
8) Group Coaching Call "What Step Should I Take Right Now?"
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Course description

Don’t know how to effectively put yourself out there?

Do you know you are good but have no idea to get in front of the people who can actually pay you high fees to speak?

Do you look at other speakers and say to yourself “What do they know that I don’t know?” Why are they getting paid and I’m not?

Do you want to not just be another speaker, but you have a burning desire to be great?

Do you want to not just do a few speaking engagements per year, but want to absolutely crush it and do this full time?

You’ve researched a ton of other speakers. You’ve seen their videos, follow them on social media and you can’t help but think “These people aren’t that much better than me. I know I’m good. I can do this, they just know something I don’t.”

Have you reached out to speakers for advice, but got generic non helpful answers like “to be successful as a speaker you have to work hard, and build relationships.” But this advice helps you do nothing RIGHT now.

Are you tired of getting fed fluff by people who either don’t know how to help you are don’t want to help you? Have you felt like others who you’ve reached out to have been dismissive in how they help?

Are you task oriented and work best when you understand exactly what to do next?

Do you have a million of To-Dos but no real clarity on what your real message should be and how to execute most efficiently?

Are you BEYOND frustrated. Like rip the hair out of your head, look around at you life and say, Yes I’m happy with what I have but I know I can do more, I know I’m built to do more, I have a desire to be much more and it’s driving you crazy that you haven’t cracked the code yet.

Are you ready to save time, money, and heart ache?

Have you said to yourself? “Wait, I can get paid to do what I would gladly do for free?”

Do you feel like potential clients are interested in having you speak to students but they don't want to pay.... and you know clearly you are doing something wrong. (But just can't figure it out!)

The True Speaking Success will show you how to get speaking engagements, get repeat business and attract new clients like bees to honey. We will also show you the secrets to rocking the stage every time you speak, guaranteed.

Our proprietary 5 step system show you how to finally get paid and how to help more people through your speaking business.

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Arel Moodie
Arel Moodie

Arel Moodie is a national best selling author and has been a featured speaker at the White House and has been personally acknowledged for his work by President Obama.

Inc. Magazine called Arel a “High-Energy, Motivator” and named him to their “30 Under 30 list” of top American entrepreneurs under 30 years old joining people like Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook.

Essence Magazine said “Arel should be the poster boy for rags-to-riches stories…He is America’s Top Young Speaker.”

Arel has been quoted in The New York Times, BusinessWeek, Forbes, Portfolio, Fox Small Business, Yahoo! Finance, & USA Today.

Arel was named by the prestigious St. Gallen Symposium in Switzerland as one of the 100 Leaders of Tomorrow.

Black Enterprise Magazine named Arel as one of their “Tycoons Under 35”.

Arel Moodie has giving many popular TEDx talks including topics such as likability and innovation. He hosts one of the top career podcasts on iTunes, The Art of Likability, which is listened to in over 130 countries world wide. He is a contributor to Forbes and Huffington post as well.

Arel grew up on welfare in the projects of Brooklyn, NY where he witnessed those around him being murdered and imprisoned. Using determination and applying what he teaches in his presentations he was able to build multiple 6 and 7 figure speaking businesses.

As a professional speaker he has spoken to over 350,000 people in 48 states and 5 countries. 

For fun, Arel likes to dance; he has performed at Madison Square Garden and his wedding dance video on YouTube has over three million views